AEPA International aims to help countries and people improve their quality of living through construction of infrastructure, urban planning, housing, hospitals, cultural and education centers, and telecommunications.  

We have been actively engaged in infrastructure developments in the United States, Africa, and Central and South America.  Our projects cover a wide range of areas, including, but not limited to:

  • airports - (National Reagan Airport and Andrews Air Force Base and its president terminal)
  • seaports
  • railways (high-speed railways)
  • highways
  • schools and educational facilities
  • telecommunications
  • housing developments


Federal Republic of Nigeria
Republic of Sierra Leone
Republic of Angola
Republic of Chad
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Djibouti 
Republic of Senegal
Republic of Niger 
Republic of Liberia
Republic of South Sudan
Republic of Kenya
United Republic of Tanzania
Republic of Ghana
Republic of Madagascar Federal
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 



Republic of Haiti
Republic of Colombia 
Republic of Honduras
Republic of Peru
Republic of Costa Rica
Republic of Guatemala
Republic of Nicaragua
Republic of Panama
Republic of Suriname


Header Photo by Samir Cabbarov